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C , Inc. V i scosi t y : 2, cps pH: 6. Incorporate phase B into phase C while homogenizing. Add phase D and homogenize again. This composition provides a long-lasting softness to the skin.

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Kytamer PC has superior humectant properties. Procedures: Disperse the Kytamer PC with gentle heating approx. Cool while stirring to 35C. Add other ingredients. Methyl paraben 5. Fragrance Tensi ne, Ingredients: 1. Mix u n t i l homogeneous. Goodrich C o. The addition of Hypan SA lOOH in this formulation helps stabilize the viscosity of the product while adding to the clarity of the gel, eliminates tackiness and leaves the skin with an elegant feel.

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Premix Sequence 1 with overhead mixer while heating to 80C until Methylparaben is solubilized. Add Sequence 3 to batch holding temperature at 80C. Premix Sequence 4 and add to batch at 80C mixing with overhead mixer at medium speed until completely hydrated without fish eyes noticed approximately 2 0 minutes.

Cool to 70C. Add Sequence 5 without heating to batch held at 70C with medium speed on overhead mixer. Reduce temperature to 3 5 C. At 35C add premixed Sequence 6 to batch at low speed while cooling to 25C.

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At 25C add Sequence 7 to batch at low speed. Premix Sequence 8 until into solution and add to batch while mixing at low speed with sweep blade.

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 3 - 1st Edition

Insredients: 1. Acritamer' Carbomer 3. SD Alcohol 40 4. Methylparaben 5. Diazolidinyl Urea 7. Ritasil Dimethicone Copolyol 8. Neutralize with item 9. Dissolve item 4 in item 3 and add to gel. Dissolve item 6 in item 5, add items 7 and 8 and add to gel. Add item 10 and mix until uniform. Tensine Wheat Protein ll. Fragrance 1.

Compounding Procedure: Disperse item 2 in item 1.

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Add items 10, 11 and 12 and mix until uniform. Propylparaben P a r t D: 2 4. Add the deionized water to a suitable kettle and then add the methylparaben. Heat the water to 35C to dissolve the methylparaben and then add the methocel. Continue mixing until the methocel is dispersed and no lumps appear. Add the triethanolamine and mix until the solution is clear. Add the Panthenol and mix until dissolved. Add the Avalure UR polymer and mix until it is dispersed and a colloidal white solution occurs.

Add the Glycereth and heat to 75C. Part B: I. Mix all of the powders together and mill if necessary until the blend is uniform and no streaks or particles of pigment are present. Add this powder blend to Part A and mix until ready to combine with Part C. Part C: 9. Mix all of the ingredients of Part C in a suitable vessel and heat to 15C. Part D: Begin cooling the combined batch to IOC and add the cyclomethicone.

Mix well to insure that the cyclomethicone is brought into the emulsion and is uniformly dispersed. Continue cooling and mixing. Add vitamins at 45C and mix well. Add aloe and mix well. Add the Germaben I1 and continue cooling to room temperature. Homogeni s e. Heat and m i x Phase B t o 75C. Inuredients: 1. Propylene Glycol 3.

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 8

Mineral Oil 4. Lanolin X-Tra Deo 5. Petrolatum 6. Butylated Hydroxyanisole 7. Rita SA Stearyl Alcohol Phenonip Tensine Wheat Protein Reductine Oat Protein Wtg OO Combine items 3 to 9 and heat to 80C.

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Add oil phase to water phase and homogenize. Cool to 35C and add items 10 to Inaredients: 1. Mineral Oil 5. Glycerine 8. Combine items 6 and 7 and heat to 80C. Add oil phase to water phase. Cool to 35C and add item 8. D Fragrance 0. E Fragrance 0. Continue stirring until cream has cooled to approx. Perfume, homogenize. Continue stirring until cooled to approx. Perfume, r o l l.

Cosmetic Formulating - Create a formula from an LOI

Glucam E is added for its humectance in this excellent white cream base formula. Viscosity: , to , cps pH: 5.

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  8. Procedures: Heat both phases to 85C and add the water phase to the oil phase. Note: Homogenization is recommended. Preparation: A is heated up to 70 degrees C. B is brought to the same temperature and emulsified into A. The cream is cooled while stirring, and at about 30 degrees C. S To form B , Keltrol and Methocel are dispersed in water and stirred until homogeneous. C i s added at 30 degrees C. B is mixed until homogeneous, heated up to the same temperature, and emulsified into A.

    C is added at 30 degrees C. Preparation: A is heated up to 75 degrees C. B is heated up to the same temperature and emulsified into A.

    At 30 degrees C, C is added.