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Hearts Of Chaos

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Also in This Series. More Like This. Table of Contents. Loading Table Of Contents Loading Excerpt Author Notes. Loading Author Notes LC Subjects. Seattle Wash. Shapeshifting -- Fiction. Soul mates -- Fiction. Werewolves -- Fiction. Fantasy fiction. Love stories. If you read this short e-novella first, you'll at least get an introduction to the three mythologies that bump up against one other in the series.

Set in Seattle in , this is the story of a romance between two shape shifters from rivalrous races: the soul-sucking Drekar dragons and the human-protecting Kivati, who shift into various kinds of animals, primarily raptors.

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Although other animal tribes are mentioned briefly including whales, crows, deer, cougar, and wolves , they don't seem to have any real power within the Kivati. In turn, many of the Kivati want to get rid of the dragons. They did it once before, and they're more than ready to do it again. The Kivati view the dragons as monsters because the Drekar have no souls. The Kivati feel superior because they have two souls: their human soul and their totem animal soul. The third mythology in the series is Babylonian, and it is referenced just once in this novella, when, with absolutely no explanation, the Maidens of Ishtar appear as courtesans in a Drekar saloon.

Why are the Norse dragons hooking up with Ancient Babylonian ladies instead of with women of their own nationality and mythology? Who knows?

Maybe they don't like blonds. The moment that Brand Haldor meets the gaze of Alice Corvette across a muddy Seattle street, their mutual attraction kicks into high gear. Brand is a Drekar glass blower apparently an early, alternate version of the famous Washington State glass artist Dale Chihuly , as he dreams of creating grand blown-glass chandeliers that look like icicles. The story takes place over a period of a day or two, so the couple barely gets a chance to introduce themselves to one another before they are tumbling naked on the forest floor in wild passion.

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The climactic ending provides an alternate incarnation of the real Seattle fire of , which actually destroyed much of the city. Felled by an arrow straight from Cupid's bow. Stars aligned for this moment. I am more than a woman; I am Kivati The elements are my handmaidens.

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All in all, this is a sample of the type of writing you'll find in novel 1 of the series, so let that be a warning to you. This novella is only worth reading if you plan to go on to the main part of the series. Unfortunately for me, I read novel 1 first, and I had a tough time wading through the world-building. He has plans to open the Gate to the Land of the Dead using the necklace that Kayla's sister stole from him.

Norgard has been Hart's master for the past 15 years, meaning that Hart is magically bound to follow Norgard's every command.

Hearts of Chaos | Kira Brady

Hart was born to a Kivati mother, but was cast out when he became a werewolf during his first change. According to Kivati beliefs, werewolves are wild animals who live a life of mindless blood lust. This, by the way did not appear to be the case in the prequel novella.

Norgard promised to end Hart's moon-related periods of violence, and he has kept that promise, but in exchange, Hart has been compelled to do unspeakable things. As the story advances, Hart must make some painful decisions about his future, since Norgard has his lusty eye on Kayla. The story culminates in a stereotypical scene of human sacrifice in a cave far beneath the earth that we've seen countless times in other series. New villains emerge.

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An old villain seeks redemption.