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tripping over dollars, trying to chase a dime.

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One Week Quiz A. IMMC was a holding company that controlled subsidiary corporations that had their own operating subsidiaries. Morgan hoped to dominate transatlantic shipping through interlocking directorates and contractual arrangements with the railroads, but that proved impossible because of the unscheduled nature of sea transport, American antitrust legislation, and an agreement with the British government.

The ship's famous sinking in , the year before Morgan's death, was a financial disaster for IMMC, which was forced to apply for bankruptcy protection in Analysis of financial records shows that IMMC was over-leveraged and suffered from inadequate cash flow causing it to default on bond interest payments. From to , 42 major corporations were organized or their securities were underwritten , in whole or part, by J. Morgan and Company. After the death of his father in , Morgan gained control of J.

Morgan began negotiations with Charles M. News of the industrial consolidation arrived to newspapers in mid-January In , Morgan married Amelia Sturges, called Mimi — She died the following year. They had four children:. Morgan often had a tremendous physical effect on people; one man said that a visit from Morgan left him feeling "as if a gale had blown through the house.

As the deformity worsens, pits, nodules, fissures, lobulations, and pedunculation contort the nose.

That girl is a dime means she is worthless. Am I right?

This condition inspired the crude taunt "Johnny Morgan's nasal organ has a purple hue. Satterlee, has speculated that he did not seek surgery for his nose because he feared the seizures would return. It appeared as if he dared people to meet him squarely and not shrink from the sight, asserting the force of his character over the ugliness of his face. Morgan smoked dozens of cigars per day and favored large Havana cigars dubbed Hercules' Clubs by observers. Morgan was a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church , and by was one of its most influential leaders.

An avid yachtsman, Morgan owned several large yachts. Osborn , launched on 26 May Charles J.

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Osborn was Jay Gould 's private banker. Morgan bought the yacht in Morgan Jr. In response to the sinking of Titanic , Morgan purportedly said, "Monetary losses amount to nothing in life. It is the loss of life that counts. It is that frightful death. Morgan was a notable collector of books, pictures, paintings, clocks and other art objects, many loaned or given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of which he was president and was a major force in its establishment , and many housed in his London house and in his private library on 36th Street, near Madison Avenue in New York City.

His son, J. By the turn of the century, Morgan had become one of America's most important collectors of gems and had assembled the most important gem collection in the U. The collection was exhibited at the World's Fair in Paris in The exhibit won two golden awards and drew the attention of important scholars, lapidaries, and the general public.

George Frederick Kunz continued to build a second, even finer, collection which was exhibited in Paris in Morgan was a patron to photographer Edward S. Curtis was also famous for a magic lantern slide show The Indian Picture Opera which used his photos and original musical compositions by composer Henry F.

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Morgan died while traveling abroad on March 31, , just shy of his 76th birthday. The gemstone morganite was named in his honor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the — American financier. For the modern company, see JPMorgan Chase. For the historical banking institution, see J. For other people of the same name, see J. Morgan disambiguation. American financier, banker, philanthropist and art collector. Hartford, Connecticut , U. Amelia Sturges m. Frances Louise Tracy m. Main article: J.

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