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Zhu has rich government experiences, through her years working as the chief interpreter for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China from to Daimler is Vice President of China, Mercer.

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Responsible for multinational company business, based in Beijing office. Daimler has extensive experience in strategy and organizational transformation, especially focus on organizational change and performance management and etc.

Prior to joining Mercer, he worked in McKinsey as Associate Paterner, helped Chinese government institutions and state-owned enterprises on strategy and transformation subjects. She has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources with various firms. She joined SAP in February She has held a series of posts, including project manager, administrative manager, assistant president, acting president of Shanghai United Family Hospital, and vice president of strategic system development.

City of the Future: Dubai’s global rankings underscore its future readiness

She took over this position in after 2 years international assignment in Germany. Karen has extensive working experience in multi-cultural environments as a Human Resources expert.

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During the last 25 years, she has been working in leading automobile company Volkswagen and Renault, has played dual roles in Mazars China - Human Resources Director and Senior Consultant for external Personal Development Consulting service, and has been self-employed as a consultant. As an achiever, developer and lifelong learner with a strong ethic of responsibility, she is leading all aspects of Human Resources and has comprehensive knowledge about how China talent market is developing.

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As a professional HR practitioner, Karen He has extensive experience in Leadership project, Talent Development, Coaching and organizational development. She believes talents and leadership issues are the key challenge for China, therefore there are a lot to be explored and implemented in this area.

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She has a passion for mentoring young leaders and supporting executives through the transformation that coaching can offer. She has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years and held key HR positions in a number of reputable global financial institutions.

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At Deutsche Bank, Ms. Yim and her team drive the talent agenda with the Bank's leadership; and partner with the business to grow the Bank's franchise in Greater China and North Asia. With the commitment in growing future business leaders in China, Ms. In addition to coaching and mentoring the fellow students, Ms.

Yim also participates in the admission process of the various academic programs of the School. As policy and communications manager at the European Chamber, Jacob leads on a variety of publications, media issues, policy analysis and high-level messaging. Prior to working at the European Chamber, Jacob completed his Masters degree in international studies at the Johns Hopkins-Nanjing University Centre for Sino-American Studies where he developed a high level of fluency in Mandarin through standard coursework and a thesis written in Chinese.

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Save, Curate and Share Save what resonates, curate a library of information, and share content with your network of contacts. Analysts predict that the region would become the largest economy by However, Asian countries have lower per-capita income in general compared to their European and U. The same trends that playing out globally may impact Asia in very different ways due to different context in the region.

One of the mindset shifts that Asian leaders need to make is to look east for solutions rather than follow the western best practices as they used to, as the latter could no longer be available or relevant. Continuous learning, embrace contradictions, agility, ecosystem thinking, anticipation, comfort with discomfort — capabilities that are indispensable for leaders to navigate through the ever-changing business landscape are called out in the study, while some others such as personal accountability, intellectual honesty and empathy are also viewed as valued characteristics of Asian leaders, urging them to make decisions in a more relevant and responsible way.

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Asian leaders will need to not only keep eyes on the technological and economic trends that may directly impact their business, but also be aware of the less obvious social, political and environmental contexts around them. They may do so by constantly scanning the environment via social media, attending talks and conferences, initiating dialogues with peers, reading latest and relevant literature, and broadening their networks to engage with people from different backgrounds and expose themselves to very different points-of-view, in an effort to refine their thinking and foster a better understanding of the trends and the impact on business and societies.

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The study also points out that future Asian leaders need to get as diverse a set of experiences as possible.