A Trixi, a Shmoop and a Monster

Wings of a Dream Clio: On these wings of a dream, I will face my fear On these wings of a dream, for my sister, dear On these wings of a dream, through any.

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True Life: I’m a Part-Time Ghost Hunter

City Life. Between The Lines. Bharti Infratel. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. LONDON: A million-year-old cockroach specimen found preserved in amber is part of a new family of extinct predatory cockroaches that hunted at night, scientists say. The specimen, which was discovered at a mine in Noije Bum, Myanmar, boasts a long neck that allowed it to freely rotate its head.

The prehistoric roach also had long and spindly legs, much like many predatory insects today. According to the study published in the journal Geologica Carpathica, an analysis of the ancient specimen, named Manipulator modificaputis, suggests that it was a predatory insect, likely pursuing prey at night. Modern roaches, while largely nocturnal, can be found scavenging from food, looking for anything from sweets to even hair, moldering books, and other decaying matter, 'NatureWorldNews.

According to Peter Vrsansky from the Geological Institute in Bratislava , Slovakia , and Gunter Bechly from the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart , Germany , who examined the insect, the specimen comes from the early Cretaceous period, from whence several predatory cockroach-like lineages evolved.

Today, only one of those lineages remain - the praying mantis.

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Modern mantises have similar legs for careful pursuit, and are actually close cousins to the cockroach, despite how different they look. Want stories like this in your inbox? Sign up for the daily ET Panache newsletter.

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You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. Read more on Germany. Geological Institute. Gunter Bechly. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. Have a signature cocktail, know the correct vocabulary: Here's how to double-hat as a bartender this International Men's Day. Tamara is blank, killed Pitch numerous times, Gekgek has nothing for me; there is nothing open for me anywhere. I've obviously missed something along the way when i was questing here months ago.

Hunter-Gatherers - HISTORY

I've even killed both faction dudes in the cave. I don't care which faction I'm aligned with, I just wanna complete 75 quests. The guy at Dalaran flight path has nothing. Is there a quest that starts outside Sholazar? Puh-hu-leaze, someone post a door-opening idea! Comment by crunchy For those that are absolutely stuck after having just switched factions for the very first time, and having to complete more quests, but not able to find anymore, have a look in your backpack for a green sack. The NPC will have quests available to continue your questing.

Comment by Sylean Just noticed when you attack pitch, the hunters say "It's coming right for us! This sounds like a quote from South Park where, as long as the hunters say this line, they can legally kill an animal because it was "attacking". I cannot find anyone who will give me a quest for frenzyheart, since that is who I have chosen to start rep for. I Killed the guys in the cave, switched from Oracles to Frenzy. I cannot find anything else. Could someone lemme know whats up? Comment by Lonewoof I'm in a similar boat and need help!

Months ago, I killed Pitch the cat and went to the camp where I was told I'd be a slave. I think I must have drop the quest because I don't have any shackles and now at the camp around the campfire no one is providing me with another pair! I can't find anyone who will give me a quest for frenzyheart and Tamara is blank! When I kill Pitch now , the Frenzy guy informs me that I've stolen his kill, but nothing else happens! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to finish this! Comment by mrhyde Hi, i also am having trouble getting my 75 quests done. Its been ages since i was last here and I cant get any dailies because I can t pick up the quest for killing Artuis the heartless, but I killed it anyway and saved the oracle, but he doesnt give me any quest..

When I go to kill pitch because I am friendly with the oracles I kill pitch but dont get quest from gegkek because I am hated by Frenzyheart.. All I want to do is get my 75 quests : any help appreciated,,,,,,. Comment by zapp Best South Park reference so far in game.. Comment by Jeditard I as well am completely lost here.

When I kill Pitch nothing happens. The Frenzyheart guy says "No you steal kill, now you owe Gekgek. I tried talking to all the Frenzyhearts but they have no quests for me. I am neutral with them and unfriendly with the Oracles. I just want to start these stupid missions but I have no idea how. I even tried killing Artrius or whoever but even then the little Oracle wouldn't talk to me.

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  8. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help me please? Comment by datgrl Hunters might find this useful. If you want to tame Pitch, you can still pick up the quest after the tame. You don't have to wait for him to respawn and kill him. Comment by ssj4fp75 yeah this is crazy i killed freya and freed frenzyheart guy he said meet me in and i did but no quests showed up i tried killing the cat also after but no quests from the hunter guy either i gave up tryting for my egg so i could get these achievments.

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    WOW needs to fix these kind of bugs. If anyone knows how to do this right please email me please so i know i really want these achievments thank u ssj4fp75 yahoo. Comment by bdzl07 If you're stuck on the quest lines here, read this - open GM ticket! I did all the tips below about Pitch, faction change, etc. I'm positive I scanned through all my bags looking for the bracers too since it's been a loooong time since I was last here.

    After opening a ticket and getting a response back, sure enough - bracers sitting right there in my pack! The GM response didn't reference anything about the bracers, but just mentioned checking out the profile site on wowhead to view which quests I've have and have not completed which was inaccurate btw I hope the same works for you!

    Comment by harleyquinn4eva By being on the slope behind pitch, and using my longest range attack to pull him Exorcism , I brought him to me without pulling the Elites. This sort of thing is the reason why you don't want to turn your Exorcism into an AoE attack - this way you avoid aggroing neutrals. Add to list The Part-time Hunter.