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This is not a court of law here, and we are not driving him to jail. We are trying to point out how tragic it is that the merits of the case are not even being considered by many because, dang, he is successful and powerful and popular. You fondled her. In other words, the original accusation did come from Mia Farrow, and a lot of what is publicly knows is indeed based on what she thought, felt and perceived. And then, when Mia became pregnant with their son, she understandably focused on her pregnancy and things cooled a bit between Allen and her, as if he was resenting the time and efforts and affections going to the unborn child.

But he lavished attention and affection on Dylan, to the point that Mia became concerned about his relationship to the then 2 or 3 year old child. All this suggests again egotism and jealousy, not a sexual attraction per se. The fact that he had showed no interest in little children before seems to support this interpretation. But it also makes it not very likely that, years later, when the custody procedure was going on, he would suddenly turn to full-blown pedophilia.

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When she DID start believing he was a beyond-all-hope pedophile and treated him as such, she was crazy. Maybe I was wrong about his writing skills. This was in Were you an adult in ?

If so, do you remember what that was like? The point now is that Dylan Farrow wrote the letter, not Mia. Smart people can still engage in denial. It is important to listen to Dylan Farrow and not judge her. Because a lot of sexual abuse victims are not heard and often immediately disbelieved. One thing we do know is that Woody Allen has a lot of trouble with boundaries to put it mildly. He ended up marrying a 19 year old woman he watched growing up, who is a daughter of his partner.

Oh god, talk about red flags! No one noticed this before?? I also find it totally believable that Allan himself is completely convinced of his own innocence. I come from a physically and emotionally abusive family thankfully not sexually. Thing is, my mother actually loves me and she thinks that she is the victim and that I have been indoctrinated by the psychologist I went to in my thirties!

For years she went on telling one particular incidence of abuse as a funny annecdote about what a difficult child I was and how bad she had it as my mother. The thought of you being involved in a case like this, with your level of clueless, victim-blaming idiocy, is chilling. And yes, in this context, I would consider Farrow to be a victim as well and the other children too, for that matter. If you were fucking me long term, and then started fucking my daughters instead I would straight up flip-out. In fact, that seems like the rational response — to object in the strongest terms. Daytime talk shows thrive on this objection, right?

That would strain my relationship. It seems like a lot of men and boys are socialized to have problems with other dudes fucking their moms and that most people are socialized to have a problem with dudes fucking their moms and sisters concurrently — that probably comes from somewhere.

I also noted that you do not mention Dylan as a person here, only as some kind of prop in the drama where those fascinating celebrities revolve. As a family law attorney who has worked on a number of abuse cases, here are my obvious and perhaps not so obvious thoughts:. It looks close to certain that he actually molested her.


This Dr. Schultz tells child welfare services that Dylan had not reported being molested to her.

A week later, after hiring an attorney, Dr. That both 1 strongly supports the abuse case and 2 shows that Allen or someone on his behalf was seriously pressuring people involved in the investigation. The burden needed to keep a parent from seeing their children is very, very high. Even in cases of physical abuse, there will still often be supervised visitation.

The judge orders Allen to stay away from the kids and grants Farrow attorney fees, which is essentially a conclusion that Allen is actively dangerous. The discussion of Soon-Yi is also very interesting. It shows that the family court judge was aware of how disturbing that relationship was. The therapist began treating Allen specifically for that reason, and tried unsuccessfully to create a healthy relationship with all of the children.

As I said above, one of the most troubling aspects of the court ruling is the strange behavior by the therapists. In addition to the therapist paid by Allen who suddenly remembered Dylan telling her about being molested after the therapist had said the opposite to child protective services, the social workers and mental health experts working on the official report destroyed all of their notes and refused to testify.

At that point, Dylan may have been too young and Allen was merely grooming her. In fact, that seems more or less obvious with the laying in bed and letter her suck his thumb…etc. So, Farrow expressing her concerns years before the abuse allegations, concerns that were then taken seriously and confirmed by the therapist, hardly gives Allen cause to claim this entire episode is being driven by Farrow.


She was not making a legal statement, as Soon-Yi was above the age of consent. That does not change the fact that Farrow did not initiate the criminal investigations concerning Dylan. They may not have had enough evidence to convict Allen before a jury, but the judge in that case concluded that he was a danger to those kids, and he disagrees and dismantles the investigation that concluded otherwise. Not that this really matters to the actual issue, but I find it hard to believe that Woody Allen actually wrote that. The whole reeks of something a PR person put up and was carelessly approved by Allen.

I have trouble believing that any PR person, regardless of how incompetent, could write something like this. The writer is either Woody Allen or someone desperately trying to make Woody Allen sound like a pompous, narcissistic child-molester. Quite often a parent of a child who has been molested has also been a victim of molestation his or herself. It would explain some of her behaviors. Child molestation has certainly run in families. A comparison might be when a woman repeatedly gets involve with partners who batter, or addicts, etc.

Perhaps Mia never was such a victim, but it might be a good thing for her to explore where some of her patterns of protecting molesters came from, Allen not excepted. And yes, Allen is a psychopath. This article contains many links to appropriate references where one can learn that information. It involved him making her suck his thumb and get into bed with him while he was in his underwear and other similar things. Allen sounds like is an extreme narcissist.

Only a self-absorbed narcissist would have the arrogance to believe what he wrote would actually persuade people. My narcissist relative pulled the same techniques, the gaslighting, denial, twisting the facts, questioning the reliability of my memory. He really expects me to act like nothing every happened, that I would forget the lies and gaslighting and just accept his revisionist history as truth.

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Allen is so used to twisting reality to fit what feeds his ego and sense of entitlement that he actually thinks Dylan would accept this invitation to reconcile. Soon-Yi and I are both hoping that one day she will understand who has really made her a victim and reconnect with us, as Moses has, in a loving, productive way.

Which looks like a rather categorical statement to me which the facts seem to contradict. Rather odd, not to say criminally negligent, that, in light of the first two incidents, not to mention many previous ones, Mia would have allowed Woody within the proverbial country mile of Dylan in August. However, I wonder at the broader ramifications and implications of the recent accusations and republications of events that happened over 20 years ago. But all of those types of responses should probably also remind you of the Duke lacrosse case, on which the New York Times published this review 2 of a book detailing the many errors in the handling of the case.

A particularly relevant portion:. See, you obviously know how questions work, since you openly use them, but you seem incapable of distinguishing a question form an assertion. Someone might have done that, but a stretch to suggest that I personally would have been doing so. One would have thought that that would have been sufficient for Mia to get whatever separation she would have wanted. Nor was Justice Wilk. It is true that Allen was in therapy for inappropriate behavior around Dylan two years before the events of and IIRC the behavior had been noticed even earlier.

It seems to me that an awful lot of bending-over-backward-to-give-Allen-the-benefit-of-the-doubt went on, and continues to go on. Many seem to have some difficulty with that distinction. It seems to me that an awful lot of bending-over-backward-to-give-Allen-the-benefit-of-the-doubt went on …. At least in most civilized countries.

Nice bit of innuendo there Stacy. What about the guys in the Duke lacrosse case? You might want to consider the analogous aspects of the two cases. I was addressing the point made by Doubtthat that Farrow accused Allen of being a child molester because of his relationship with Soon Yi. Which you know; you addressed it in the very comment from which I quoted. So you fault Mia Farrow for letting Allen have limited access to Dylan despite her suspicions, yet at the same time you think Allen should be afforded the presumption of innocence outside the courtroom.

And the fact that presumption of innocence is a legal standard has been pointed out to you before. I was addressing the case at hand and not any other. I made a clear and unambiguous point about Woody Allen and the way people—from Mia herself on down—have responded to him. And what is a PR person supposed to do to defend Allen? How would you write it? The article does everything a PR person would try: smears Mia Farrow, implies brainwashing, misrepresenting some unsavory facts, etc.

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Which is really all the letter is trying to do. The writer is clearly speaking unemotionally and dispassionately about something that very much seems to affect Woody Allen is very personal ways. That, coupled with the fact that Woody Allen almost never deals with the press in this way, makes me think that this is just some PR person who convinced Woody Allen that a response was necessary.